Life Updates Summer 2017

My updates here dropped off after Iceland, life got busy and I had trouble prioritizing this blog, but not for a lack of things to talk about! In the time since I last checked in, I’ve taken road trips, trips to difference cities, quit my job, and left the city I’ve lived in for the last seven years. I’m preparing to leave for a month long trip to Europe with my husband followed by a month long road trip to our new home in Seattle with our dog in tow! It’s been a lot of planning, a lot of budgeting, a lot of anticipation, and it’s finally all happening.

Where does that leave this blog? In prime position to be updated with all of the exciting and interesting things that I am so privileged to experience. I’d like for this blog to serve as a way for me to document my experiences, but I’d also like it to be a place where I can share what I learn so other travel enthusiasts can use that information if it helps them.

In the immediate future I’m working on putting together a packing list for your viewing pleasure, and I’m aiming to update in between cities during long train rides at the very least but we’ll see what flow I settle into. I’ve also been trying to keep track of all of the travel expenses so that I can put together a really comprehensive post on what it costs to travel through Europe for a month. Our lodging plans have fallen somewhere in the middle of staying in hostels every night and staying in hotels every night so I’m interested to see where our total expenses end up. Keep an eye out for that one once we make it back stateside and I can do the final tally.

Goodbye stuff, I'll see you in Seattle!

That’s it for now, stay adventurous!


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