Exploring Iceland: Day Three

My Third day in Iceland was an uneventful one. I went grocery shopping for some meals to eat in, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I played a lot of Pokemon, and my husband and I went on a mission to find him a warmer hat.  Exploring IcelandWe explored the area around Tjörnin pond, which housed a ton of swans and ducks. We saw swans! Lucky us, because I hear geese are MEAN. Wandering on the frozen lake felt a little eerie, specially when watching the birds play in the exposed water so close by. It was a pretty grey day and hanging out by the pond was the perfect way to spend it. For dinner we cooked a little spaghetti. We originally had an evening tour booked to hunt down the northern lights by boat but inclement weather caused that portion of our evening to be canceled, so we still haven’t seen any of the natural wonders! I’m getting a little antsy to see outside of the city, but soon the weekend will be here and we’re really interested in seeing some of the nightlife.Exploring IcelandI spent a lot of the day trying to shake the travel blues. My husband insists that I feel this way every time I travel, and then I promptly forget once I’m feeling better, which sounds accurate.

We definitely broke my one cardinal rule about travel: don’t eat the spaghetti, it’s not going to be what you expect and it won’t be a pleasant surprise. (Exceptions include if you’re visiting a country known for its pasta, of course). Always while I’m in another country I’ll eat an old standby, be it spaghetti, or an egg salad sandwich, or whatever, and it never turns out well. Homesickness cannot be cured by eating a foreign version of a familiar food.Exploring IcelandThis isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later,


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  1. Wait, I want to hear more about why Icelandic spaghetti (on any foreign spaghetti, really!) is so different! What’s so strange about it??

    • Its just never the same consistency or flavor, usually too sweet but sometimes too salty. Any deviation at all underlines its strangeness. I’m definitely not saying that the states have the best pasta sauce, by far, but it is what I’m used to… 😛

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