Exploring Iceland: Day Ten

Our tenth day in Iceland and we have to say goodbye.

We got what I thought was a good start. Waking up at 8 gave us an hour to get ready before getting picked up by Reyjavik Excursions to take us to the Blue Lagoon first, then to the airport.

Turns out 9am was the time listed for departure from the bus terminal, not the time of pick up, so 8:30am rolled around and we had a bit of a surprise when our ride arrived thirty minutes before we expected it! It wasn’t the best way to start our day but we rallied and managed to get ourselves out the door quickly.

We make it to the terminal, and are safely on the bus to the Blue Lagoon when a woman asks to get off the bus, she’s realized she can’t find her passport. I keep on imagining her still stuck in Iceland just wandering the bus lot asking passengers if it’s under their feet.  exploring iceland The bus ride from Reykjavik to The Blue Lagoon took about 45 minutes and I spent it drinking in the persistently alien landscape. We arrived at The Blue Lagoon, and it had begun to sleet. This may be too much of a contrast… There is a long line to wait in, and once that’s done I head to the locker room to shower and get into my bathing suit. I was relieved to find they have conditioner in the locker rooms for me to put in my hair so the minerals in the hot spring don’t make my hair feel like straw.exploring iceland I’m trying to figure out how to write about The Blue Lagoon, because while I do have almost entirely positive things to say about my stay in Iceland, I found The Blue Lagoon fairly disappointing, and I’d hate for this post to turn into a session of bellyaching. Suffice it to say the water wasn’t nearly warm enough to keep us from getting chilled in the freezing weather, and the saving grace was the steam room appearing on the edge of the pool.

exploring iceland

Yes, that is a pair of sunglasses covered in ice.

While splashing around in the water I made up a game to play. I call it Ice Or Trash. The rules are you look at something clear hanging around and you have to guess whether its ice or trash. Pretty simple.

After spending as much time as I could stomach in the hot springs section giving the mud mask a try, I changed back into my dry clothes and made my way back to the parking lot to board the bus to the airport. It’s still sleeting out and our visit to The Blue Lagoon provided us with delicious complaint fodder for a while. Erik and I spent about ten minutes gleefully abusing The Blue Lagoon and then turned to something a little more positive, and enjoyed the landscape a little while longer.  exploring iceland
This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later,


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