Exploring Iceland: Day Six

On the sixth day in Iceland I wanted a big American breakfast after our weekend of partying until the early morning hours. exploring icelandWe were able to find a really great basement restaurant and they had us at “brunch”. After having a really slow breakfast that really ended around the time a late lunch would, we catnapped the afternoon away in preparation of our night boat tour to find the northern lights, which this time did not get canceled!exploring iceland
We didn’t see the northern lights, but we did lose feeling in our toes. The tour guide was energetic and lovely, and she got spectacularly feisty about people using their flashes while we were out to sea (ruining all of the good adjusting our eyes had done to the dark which optimizes our ability to see the northern lights). I had chosen a bench on the top deck of the boat so we got pretty cold on this three hour tour looking for the lights.    exploring iceland After it started to seem like it wasn’t going to happen (there were too many clouds) we wandered down to the middle deck which was inside and warm where we shared a table with a couple from Manchester and drank hot chocolate.exploring iceland
The tour guides went through every trick in their books on how to entice karma to show us the lights, including reading poems about them and playing songs on the ukulele asking them to appear.

Many of the tour companies that offer northern lights tours have a policy that if you do not see the northern lights the first night you can come back another night without having to pay again, so I’ll be trying again in a couple days. Falling into bed after a few chilly hours on the water outside of Reykjavik was probably almost as good as seeing the northern lights anyhow.

This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later,


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