Exploring Iceland: Day One

exploring iceland

The view from my new temporary home: Von Guesthouse

My first day in Iceland was a sleepy one. I’m never able to sleep on planes, it’s terrible. We got to our guesthouse around 9 am, and my first order of business was brushing my teeth, and then finding coffee and food.  exploring icelandI started to notice first how disorienting Icelandic sounds to ears only accustomed to Latin based languages, I find it more disorienting than even Thai. I can’t tell when one word ends and the next begins and can’t anticipate when the end of a sentence is going to make an appearance.

I think I would find it less disorienting if I had been a responsible traveler and made it a point to listen to some Icelandic before arriving in Iceland but I find Icelandic pretty intimidating as far as languages go, and I chose avoidance as the solution. Not my typical behavior, but hey, I’m only human.exploring icelandThe more I travel the more I feel like a total Asshole (with a capital A) for being fluent in only one language. It is the picture of privilege that because I grew up in an English speaking country I can be fairly certain that many of the countries I would visit speak English as a second language, and it’s easy to find a local who speaks my language.exploring icelandThe last observation I made on my first day was that the weather here is indeed unpredictable. I read that about Iceland and figured that meant that it could change really quickly but what I didn’t expect was that it would change back just as quickly. It will be sunny, get grey and start snowing, and then get back to beautiful clear sunny weather 15 minutes later.

We didn’t do much the first day other than wander around a little, I’m getting over the flu, and we both pulled an all nighter with all the travel, so we had dinner and then had a nice cozy evening in our guest house playing Pokemon, because do we know how to party or what?

This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later,


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