Exploring Iceland: Day Nine

My ninth day in Iceland is my full last day in Iceland. This meant making sure I did everything I wanted to before the end of the day.

On our list was a place called Eldur & Is (crepes and icecream), last minute souvenirs, take a walk by the water, have sandwiches at Lemon, relax and play Pokemon, and go to one last electronic show.

exploring iceland Everything went as planned, we got to hit everything on that list! First was the walk by the water, just a nice way to start the day after our breakfast in the guesthouse. I took a few more photos, and we enjoyed the view that you can’t get anywhere in the states.

exploring icelandWe went to Eldur & Is, and I chose a chocolate and strawberry crepe, while my husband chose the butter pecan icecream, but not before tasting daim, something we had never heard of before that is a kind of candy. The Internet tells me it’s a crunchy almond butter bar covered in chocolate, it tastes similar to bits of toffee covered in chocolate.

exploring iceland 
 While there, I took advantage of the Internet and one last time I worked on the blog in a cafe setting in Iceland. We sat in the back by a painting on the back wall that had so much going on in it that every time we looked we noticed something new. The woman in the painting has three arms, then the stones in the background are actually bodies, then there are elves peeking out from behind the foreground, etc. We loved it but they requested no photos (undoubtedly because so many people had taken photos in the past).

The afternoon was spent lazily, we played some gameboy, I wrote some post cards, we enjoyed some sandwiches from Lemon. It was a slow and lovely way to spend our last afternoon in our guesthouse. Some travelers who had since moved on to the next guesthouse/city/country/adventure left behind a bottle of wine and left a note on the blackboard wall in the kitchen to have at. That bottle of wine on our last evening in Reykjavik felt like a gift from the world.

exploring icelandAs I mentioned in my post about my eighth day in Iceland, we could have tried to see the northern lights one last time but we decided that going to see an electronic show with some housemates was more of a sure thing.

As we walked to the electronic show I looked up and for the first time in days I could see stars, which made me wonder if we had made the wrong choice to not try to see the northern lights again this last night in Iceland but sometimes I think finding awesome people can be harder than seeing the northern lights.exploring IcelandThis isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later,


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