Exploring Iceland: Day Four

On my fourth day in Iceland I didn’t even leave the house until 3pm. I had a bit of a solo adventure in my efforts to shake off the weird travel feels and ended up grabbing a coffee and shopping a little for a mug.

Goals make me feel less depressed.Exploring Iceland The guest house we’re staying at is lovely, but the only mugs available in it’s kitchen are UNREASONABLY small.

Exploring Iceland

Look at that little thing on the left, it’s like a thimble.

The one thing I need no matter where I go is the ability to have a nice steadying cup of tea, and instead I kept ending up with over-steeped tea in a tiny thimble that tastes like fury and disappointment.

I found success in my mug search and wandered back home to relax for a while longer. Side note: any time I say the word “relax” in this series, you can replace it with the phrase “play Pokemon” and it would be more accurate.  Exploring Iceland
It was a Friday, the day when all the world of alcohol opens up and bars stay open until 4:30am, so honestly our day didn’t even begin until 11pm when we set up shop in the queer bar down the street.

If you are ever trying to meet people at a bar in a strange city, bum a cigarette from someone — you’ll be insta-friends. You don’t even have to smoke it, pretend you’re finding one for a friend if you want. My husband and I hung out in the smoking area while he smoked his ecig and we made a bunch of friends. We all had a round of shots, I believe it was Topas, which is a salted licorice liquor available in Iceland, and tagging along with our new friends to a club having a SPECTACULAR electronic night. We didn’t go to sleep till 5am and it was an epically good night.

Exploring Iceland One of our new friends was kind enough to teach me how to say “picking your nose” in Icelandic.

(Google translate says its “tina nefinu” which definitely isn’t what I learned, but alas foreign phrases learned in the middle of the night after a variety of alcohols tend to fade before morning)

I’m pretty sure skipping is “valhopping” or some variation, which sounds a lot more like what skipping is than the word “skipping” in my opinion.

This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later,


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