Exploring Iceland: Day Five

My fifth day in Iceland was perfect. I guess five days is about how long it takes for me to normalize in a new place. Having an awesome night out on the town the night before might have helped too… sometimes I need to interact with someone new otherwise my experience gets too insular.

We have gotten into the habit of sticking around the house during the day and heading out later in the evening and we embraced that fully on these weekend days when we’re staying up til 5am and sleeping til 12:30pm. We have grown fond of this coffee shop down the street from our guest house called Brennslan and we like to sit upstairs by the window and write. We have one totally rad travel keyboard that we share so when one of us is using it the other is playing their 3ds.

I will say that I’ve noticed I’m really not that fond of Icelandic coffee. There’s nothing markedly different about it but it tastes different to me in a way I’m not in love with. Could be my taste buds are still messed up from having the flu at the beginning of the trip and it’s not the coffee at all.

We had a late lunch at the coffee shop in preparation for our plans to go to Sonar Reykjavik (an electronic music festival) with loose plans to have a corresponding very late dinner of street food afterwards.

The festival itself was pretty incredible, I found a few new artists that I love, and danced for a solid 6 hours. The crowds at Sonar Reykjavik were so different than any concertĀ I’ve ever been to in the U.S.. No one seems concerned that someone else will steal their precious spot, no one pushed or squeezed. There was space.exploring iceland
It was less crowded than I expected though. We were lucky enough that this festival took place at Harpa Concert Hall so not only did we get to see some awesome music being performed but we got to do it in a Reykjavik landmark that any tourist should see while passing through.

exploring iceland

We keep seeing women at bars this weekend wearing twin outfits, which is awesome but unusual in the states since there uniqueness is often valued above all else in fashion.

Searching forĀ the famed Icelandic hotdog became a bit of a quest at this point. Initially it didn’t look like we were going to find it in the group of food stalls but we were lucky enough to see an American guy holding two hotdogs hanging out by the waffle stand who seemed to want nothing more than to tell us exactly where we could get a few hot dogs of our own.

exploring iceland

I ordered mine with everything (which is ideal if you’re looking for the Icelandic hot dog eating experience) and I honestly don’t even know what I was eating but it was delicious. It had some crunchy bits in it and a few different condiments, some ketchup and a brown sauce that was a little sweet but in a really nice way, almost like the sauce that baked beans swim in.

***Note from future me editing this: the toppings included: fried onions, fresh onions, ketchup, sweet mustard, and remoulade.***

exploring iceland

We wandered by a few of the bars we had such a great time at the night before but it seems that the electronic club had turned into something entirely different for this Saturday so we kept moving.

After finding that the electronic club was no more, we doubled back and it was time for dessert, STREET WAFFLES! I took the recommendation of the woman making the waffles and chose a caramel one. The waffles come with whipped cream on top but the whipped cream isn’t sweetened; it has sugar sprinkled on top instead. I like it so much better that way; just creamy and good, not too sweet.

exploring iceland
We swung by Kiki queer bar on the way home after getting caramel and whipped cream all over our faces but the place was pretty packed, with a line to get in so we called it a night. What a spectacular Saturday in Reykjavik!

This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later,


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