Exploring Iceland: Day Eight

The eighth day in Iceland was a pretty laid back one. We had breakfast in the guesthouse and chatted with some of the other guests. We checked out the space behind Hallgrimskirkja just to see and we were a little disappointed because it turned out to be just residential streets.

exploring iceland We spent more time in the cafe we had become regulars at (Brennslan) and hung out around the Homefront.

exploring iceland We then checked out a place called Koffin that was a bar/cafe and had lunch there while looking through the local paper for something neat to do the next night, since the evening of the eighth night was already booked up with our second attempt at seeing the northern lights.

exploring iceland This was the night that we had a drink at Dillon, which is a whiskey bar on Laugavegur down the street from our guesthouse. We stopped there on the way to the harbor for the boat tour and My husband gave some Icelandic whiskey a try. It smelled really nice but apparently started to taste a little like marker ink (his words). I stuck with something simple and refreshing, a Viking Classic from the happy hour deal.

We headed to the harbor after that with the intention of getting there early and getting a seat inside to begin with instead of starting out on the top deck. We had decided that since it was still a little cloudy we might as well stay warm until that dissipated (but the clouds never did). We did however get to watch the presentation on northern lights that was showing in the bottom deck inside that we weren’t even aware of on our first trip!

exploring iceland We also had a chance to actually see our tour guide play the ukulele instead of just hearing it over the speakers, which was nice. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the northern lights and this was our last chance.

exploring iceland We could hypothetically try again the evening of our ninth night but I’d be pretty disappointed if we spent our last night in Iceland on a boat tour we’ve already gone on twice before and didn’t get to see the lights (and based on the weather report, looks like it’s going to be just as cloudy if not more cloudy) when we could do something else and definitely have a good time.

I’ll take the sure thing, thanks.

This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later,


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